We are just finished up a bible lesson series, using the movie "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs". We would watch the movie and stop at various time to discuss themes in the movie, as related to the Bible. We play games, learn verses, and see object lessons that help to reinforce those biblical themes that can be found in the movie. Doing it this way, it took about 4 one-hour lessons to view the entire movie. It was a fun movie, but we learned Biblical concepts as we went. It helps to reinforce to kids that the Bible is relevant in everyday life. What other movies can you think of that would be good to use in this way?

Dressing up like the world?  <br> Credit:  <a href="http://www.everystockphoto.com/photo.php?imageId=2086977">peasip</a>.I was visiting another blog that asked the question of your Halloween opinion. After I got to the end of my comment and realized how long it was, I decided that I should just post it here, as well. This is my response:

The Bible does not specifically mention Halloween. However, it does specifically say “abstain from all appearance of evil”. And, when you look around, Halloween, looks pretty evil. It doesn’t say “abstain from all appearance of evil, unless you are pretty sure they are just having fun with it”. It also says “Come out from among them and be separate”. If the church looks exactly like the world, what good is the church? We are not supposed to be a part of the world. We are supposed to be a light TO the world.

Here’s the problem. I’ve been in several different churches, because I have moved several times. And, in every single church I’ve been in that had a “Fall Festival”, they did it on whatever night the city planned trick-or-treating, and what they did was just provide another place to go trick-or-treating. As someone above alluded to, that is not using Halloween to minister. That is simply encouraging them to participate in Halloween.

I once had a carnival type thing like a lot of churches do for Halloween, but I did mine on Valentine’s, instead. I’ve also noticed something else. MOST of the churches I’ve been in put more energy into their “Fall Festival” than they do any other time of the year. And, in all the churches I’ve ever been in, I have never (and I’ve tried to find an example) seen one example of someone who has been saved or even started coming to the church because of the Halloween event.

I also knew a person who used to be a witch, but had gotten saved. She was a youth pastor’s wife, but refused to participate in any type of “Halloween as usual” or “fall festival” activities. What she did for Halloween night was a “Hell House”. http://hellhousemovie.com/ (That’s a bit of an advertisement for a movie, but a good description of the event – although I know nothing about that movie.) This is very different from what the world is doing on Halloween night. This is ministry. And, when I knew of one of these being done, many , many , many , many people were saved that night and started coming to the church. The very fact that a former witch tells us “none of it is innocent…it doesn’t matter how innocent you say you are being….nothing about Halloween is innocent” tells us this is something we should not be touching. It’s not that we have to be afraid of demons, when we are walking the walk and run into demons – not at ALL. But God is clear, if we willingly dabble in the demonic, then that was our choice, not His. And, we open ourselves up to whatever happens from that. It would be the same thing as saying “Oh, we shouldn’t be afraid of demons, so let’s all sit around and experiment with a Ouija board…we’ll show the world we aren’t afraid of it and they’ll see we can have fun, too!” How stupid would we be for doing that? Yet, that’s exactly what some want to do with Halloween.

Someone mentioned that you can find bad in any holiday. And, that’s probably true. The Christmas tree was designed as a sort of idol to a pagan god. But, here’s the kicker. Every single other holiday, there is also plenty of good involved. When you look at Halloween, (and I’ve done research papers for college on Halloween, so I’ve done plenty of research) you cannot find one single good thing about it.

Yes, we need to combat Halloween. We need to combat Halloween to the point of the scripture that says “The violent take it by force”. However, dressing up like the world and doing the same things they are doing doesn’t do a thing to combat it.

If all we are going to do is provide somewhere else from them to trick or treat, we are contributing to the problem, instead of providing the answer. If we are going to use that logic, why doesn’t every church open up a bar for alcoholics? It would provide a “safer” place for them to drink. And, it would get them to come to our churches.

And, if the rest of this hasn’t convinced you, then the origins of Halloween, itself, gives you the reason why it doesn’t work to dress up like the world.

I’ve seen on a few websites lately that the origin of Halloween costumes was to make fun of evil spirits. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The reason people started dressing in costumes on Halloween night was because they were dreadfully afraid of evil spirits on that night. They were hoping that by dressing in the costumes (especially if they dressed like the evil spirits) that they would be disguised enough to fool the evil spirits and they would pass by and leave them alone.

And, today, many churches are still afraid of Halloween. And, so they dress up just like the world….they literally put on costumes, they have the same events, they do everything the world does for Halloween….hoping that the world will look and say “oh, they are just like us..they must be one of us”.

And, when the world can say that about us………..then Halloween has, in fact, become Satan’s Day, because we have handed it to him on a silver platter. And, we have become the opposite of what Jesus told us to be. Jesus specifically told us that if we are doing what we are supposed to do, the world will not like us, just as it didn’t like Him.

Instead, churches need to stop being afraid of Halloween — stop being afraid of the world — and stop being afraid of satan and his evil spirits — and stand up boldly and take Halloween back by force. And taking it back, doesn’t mean participating and looking like the world. Taking it back means making a stand….not hiding in darkness — but making a bold stand — explaining why — and giving the world a reason to say “Hmm..they aren’t like us at all….what is it that is different about them???” Because after all, that’s what Jesus commanded us to do — to be salt and light — to be in the world but not OF the world.

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